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Laser Hair Removal St. Louis

Excess body hair may be damaging to a person’s self confidence. Grooming and maintaining the appearance you want is time-consuming, but laser hair removal is permanent and makes your day much easier and your appearance worry-free.

Laser hair removal treatment is offered at our Laser Hair Removal Saint Louis treatment center to treat the arms, legs, underarms, chest, face, bikini area, back or other areas of the body.


Laser hair removal has traditionally worked best on darker coarse hair because darker hair absorbs more heat but our new Soprano XLi laser is revolutionary in that it can affect hair follicles in individuals with all skin tones. The only limitations to our laser’s hair removal capabilities are hairs with little to no pigment, as in blonde or grey hairs. It is difficult for the laser to deliver sufficient energy into pigmentless hair.


This hair removal system is the #1 laser hair removal system in Brazil, where tanned skin is the norm and beach-perfect hair removal is a must. Patients should receive consultation, which is free, before receiving laser hair removal. At that point, we can determine the best strategy for hair removal taking into account your needs, your schedule and your budget. Please call us today to make an appointment for your free consultation.



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